Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-: 1/8th Scale Heshikiri Hasebe Special Site

From the popular browser and smartphone game 'Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-' comes a
1/8th scale figure of Heshikiri Hasebe based on his standard standing illustration
from the game!

While he has gentle smile on his face he still retains a calm and
composed look, and his deep purple western-style outfit has been faithfully preserved
down to the finest of details. The figure is overflowing with charm and will be proud
to stand by your side, so be sure to add him to your collection!

Planning/Production: Good Smile Company

Heshikiri Hasebe
“If that is your will.” “If that is your will.”
Each strand of Heshikiri Hasebe's lovely light brown hair has been intricately sculpted to match the appearance from the original illustration, and the colors have been carefully tuned to create a faithful rendition of the gradient coloring. His facial expression has a faint smile as his beautiful light purple eyes stare ahead with determination, creating a calm and composed appearance perfectly suited to his personality.

“Whatever you require.” “Whatever you require.”
The unique design of Heshikiri's Western-style outfit has been carefully preserved, with the deep purple overcoat making use of a matte paint to bring out the prim appearance of his character as iit gently flutters around him. In contrast, the equipment on his chest are and shoulders are sculpted with a stiff, glossy apperance to bring out a classy apperance that shines in the light.
“Very well. What shall I cut?” “Very well. What shall I cut?”
Various areas of the outfit have been crafted to capture a feeling of depth where there are open gaps. One example of this is the opening at his sleeve, where the slightly loose sleeve creates a gap that allows you to enjoy the layers of his outfit and the depth of the opening beneath the arm. Be sure to look out for similar areas when he joins your collection!
“Slash them down!” “Slash them down!”
The sword he holds in his right hand is beautifully sculpted, with the scabbard featuring a jet black and gold color for a gorgeous apperance. The crimson grip is also a treat for the eyes. The figure is filled with highlights, so be sure to take a closer look from any angle you choose with the 360° viewer below!
Heshikiri Hasebe 360 Degree
    Click and drag to rotate the image to spin to a different angle.

    Heshikiri Hasebe Sword Charm as a bonus!

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