Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-: 1/8th Scale Monoyoshi Sadamune Special Site

From the popular browser and smartphone game 'Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-' comes a
1/8th scale figure of Monoyoshi Sadamune based on his standard standing illustration
from the game!

His gentle expression, nimble hands and feet, soft curly hair and various other details
have all been faithfully included for the perfect rendition of Monoyoshi Sadamune -
the sword said to bring good luck. Be sure to add him to your collection!

Planning/Production: Max Factory

Monoyoshi Sadamune
Monoyoshi Sadamune Smiles are best! You should smile too, Master!
Monoyoshi's gentle smiling expression and his light hair with the tips all curling in different directions have been faithfully sculpted into figure form with careful attention to detail.
Monoyoshi Sadamune I shall be the one to protect everyone!
The black areas shoulder armor, bracer and wrist guard on his right arm have a shiny, lacquered appearance that contrasts with the golden areas to bring out the various different textures of Monoyoshi's design. Simple, yet beautiful.
Monoyoshi Sadamune I'll be bringing you more good luck today!
Monoyoshi's outfit makes use of a light pearl paint to bring out its high quality appearace. The intricate patterns on the tatoo sleeves on his legs have also been faithfully recreated based on the original illustration. No matter where you look from there is something new to enjoy!
Monoyoshi Sadamune Master, is there something I can help you with?
The sword he carries in hand has the rough hilt complete with the small dragon accessory, and the slightly curved blade design has been faithfully preserved based on the original character design. Take a closer look from any angle you choose with the 360° viewer below!
    Click and drag to rotate the image to any angle you wish to see!

    Monoyoshi Sadamune Sword Charm as a bonus!

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