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Life-size Mikazuki Munechika Limited to10 Statues Purchase by Lottery Price ¥3,000,000(Including Tax)

Well, they do call me the most beautiful of the Five Great Swords.

From the popular browser and smartphone game "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-" comes a life-size, 1800mm statue. Mikazuki Munechika, said to be the most beautiful of the Five Great Swords, has been brought to life as a 1/1 scale, life-size statue. His gorgeous outfit has been sculpted with a level of detail only possible in life-size form. His dark blue kimono has been created with unparalleled quality utilizing a three-layered painting technique. The ultimate collector's item for Mikazuki Munechika fans!


Vibrant colors with special paint

By using a high-quality kind of paint, his flawless and vibrant expression has been expertly recreated.
His eyes are comprised of multiple parts, making for a beautifully deep gaze that captures the original illustration perfectly.

Sculpted without compromise

Although the statue is enormous, even the smallest details have been faithfully sculpted.
The immaculate sculpting of the statue does not appear gaudy, instead functioning as highly detailed accents.

Wonderous, multi-layered painting

The special three-layered painting technique used for this statue gives off various different appearances depending on the light shining on it.
From the brilliant highlights, the color changes in a beautiful pattern of gradation that can only be enjoyed in a life-size statue.

Highly detailed scabbard

Not only has the decoration on the hilt and guard of his sword been carefully recreated, but the scabbard also features an extraordinary design representing the phases of the moon.

How to Purchase

■Product Details

Product Name: Life-size Mikazuki Munechika Statue
Price: 3,000,000円 (Including Tax) / Shipping, installation costs not included.
Release Date: Fall 2019
Figure Size: H1800mm×W900mm×D1200mm
Stand Size: Φ800mm
Weight: Approx. 45kg (Including stand)
Necessary space for installation: H2000×W1200×D1300mm
Materials: Urethane paint painted life-size FRP&ABS (Statue) / Iron (Stand) product with stand included.
Production: Plastic Mania

■Purchase Lottery

Purchase Lottery Entry Period:2018/9/25 (Wed) ~ 10/24 (Wed)
*Purchase lottery entry has closed.

Lottery Result Notification Date:2018/10/31(Wed)

*Only winners will be notified following the lottery.


One-time wire transfer
*Payment options will be discretely discussed approximately one week following notification.

■Purchase Process

1.Entry 2.Success Notification 3.Payment 4.Shipping